Guys….think about what you want.


What do you want?

I mean, SPECIFICALLY… what do you want out of session?

By the time you message me, I expect you to know this.

I want you to have an idea of what you want. I can’t tell you the countless emails I receive from men saying… “ I want domination.”


You know that entails a FUCKLOAD of things, right? This domination umbrella is HUGE. I’m going to need your help to narrow it down a little bit, darling.

I know, I know… broaching domination and BDSM can be intimidating. I mean, where does one start!? Don’t worry, I felt the same way. But get this—there’s no rush, time limit, or due date. You have time to sit down, do a bit of reading, research, and contemplate what it is you think you may be interested in or intrigued by. And then when you have an idea—THAT is when you message me. Alright?

There are so many resources out there for you to do this and figure it out. A good exercise is perhaps looking at some videos, BDSM reference websites, or fetlife and then writing down a list of the things that pique your interest, or give you a little tingle. Find something that you think you really may want to try. Divide it into different sections:



DEFINITE NO (hard limit)


My website also helps by providing a fillable form (checklist) for a few kinks, interests, fetishes. Filling that out helps me immensely—and helps you too.

I also want you to know that it’s okay to not have any experience and be new. I’d appreciate it if you say that in your initial message to me, while also detailing some of the things you think you’d like to try or explore. I can offer a newbie/BDSM 101 taster session—where we can go through 3 or 4 different aspects of play, and it can be like a sample platter.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  

Ultimately this helps you narrow down what your ultimate desires are or what you’re open to and keen on trying. It helps us cut down time wasted and moves both of us closer to a fine and enjoyably kinky, dominant session. Who wants to stall diving into that? Not me and nor should you!

Reigning Supreme,

Mistress Sabine

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